Thinking about changing things up and studying George Silver


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Ive been reading up on George Silver lately and I really like the principles and theory behind his system. I like the approach better than what I learned in KDF , seems much more defensive and conservative.

The backsword is obviously the core weapon of Silvers system, what other weapons should I train?(buckler,dagger,staff,etc)

What are some other contemporary sources that I should study to understand Silver?


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There is the book by Stephen Hand, English Swordsmanship: The True Fight of George Silver.

We have some others mentioned on the Path of the Longsword Path in the English longsword sub-section, and a few of these sources cover multiple other weapons.

There are also a few clubs in our Club Finder that do English longsword, though that isn't necessarily Silver. You could try contacting these clubs and see if they have any material exclusive to their clubs they are willing to share with you though. Some clubs have interpretations they have not yet published publicly yet.