Recommendations for beginner training gear.


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I've little interest in acquiring anything based on it's name brand, however, if any of you have recommendations of which companies I should just outright not trust in terms of gear quality I'm all ears. I'm not sure what the full list of beginner training items are, other than a practice weapon which mimics what you wish to learn within weight and size, and various padded protective gear. If there is a full list somewhere please direct me a little, because when I google it I'm lead to all sorts of articles, but none of them are simple and to the point. I'd like to purchase two or three whole sets, because I've several interested parties who live with or around me, and it would be very useful if we all had gear we could buy together than maintain together.

For upper body, is it recommended to start off with a gambeson and chausis or is there more specific athletic equipment that I'm overlooking?


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I would start with Purple Heart Armory, their a little expensive, but just browsing will give you a good idea of what is available, and what you might want to start with, Sword Carolina (YouTube) has a few short videos about begging gear, as does Blood and Iron HEMA (also on YouTube).