HEMA books, training sword and more.


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My interest in early 15th century Kastenbrust armour has led me to pick up various HEMA / Historical European Martial Arts related books and training tools over the years with the intention of doing HEMA one day. Unfortunately old shoulder injuries keep preventing it and with an upcoming career change and other endeavors I need to and want to pursue I'm pretty much certain at this point that I will never have the opportunity to do so.
So, I'm starting to sell off most HEMA and historic arms and armour related stuff.
All of it is brand new and unused/unread, in fact some of them still have their plastic wrapping on them.

I'm located in the Netherlands, Europe, all prices are in Euro's and excluding shipping. Shipping will be discussed on a case by case basis. For a small item shipping should be quite reasonable even overseas (probably no more than roughly €20-30) but considering the size and weight of some items international shipping can be quite expensive so keep that in mind.
I accept Paypal and Bank transfer for payment.

Feel free to message me for questions, offers or suggestions.

Not looking for trades except maybe a Type AE Suontaka/Langeid style viking era sword or fittings, or a Manchu/Qinghai bow from a known maker such as AF Archery, Tiger Tail, Yi Zai Di Wai, Mariner bows or Alibow.

1: Sword & Shield DVD, Roland Warzecha, €10.

2: Gladiatoria, Dierk Hagendorn, €30.

3: Introduction to the Italian rapier, Book + DVD: €30.

4: German medieval martial arts vol.2: Sword, buckler & messer, €10.

5: The medieval dagger, Guy Windsor, €15.

6: Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship: Sigmund Ringeck's Commentaries on Master Liechtenauer's Verse, Christian Henry Tobler, €35.

7: The pourpoint of Charles de Blois, Tasha Dandelion Kelly (the well known pattern and cutting instruction book), €25.

8: My copy of Tobias Capwell's "Armour of the English knight 1400-1450". It's brand new, in it's original bubblewrap packaging. It has a couple very small, almost unnoticeable scuffs here and there on the cover which is literally from just lying on my desk for a couple days when I read it (I have been VERY careful with it). I've got no clue what to ask for it though. I remember paying about €60 for it, can't remember if that was including shipping or not. I tried to check prices but everywhere it's either sold out or going for exorbitant prices apparently taking advantage of the situation asking like €100+...
I guess asking €50 would be reasonable?

9: Arming sword, blunt, I'm fairly certain I had this made by Fabri Armorum, I wasn't happy with how it handled and I massively re-profiled the pommel, grip and blade, the sword handles much better now and weight is much lower, it doesn't have much distal taper but the strong profile taper makes up for that a bit, POB: 9cm, blade length: 74cm, weight 1146gram. Payed about €190 I remember, selling it for €75. Please message me for pictures.

More stuff might be added at later dates. I will likely also be putting two HEMA fencing masks up for sale, both brand new, unused and FIE 1600N rated, one Allstar Comfort plus and one PBT, both size M, I know they are still brand new in the box with the receipts but I'll have to dig them out.

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