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Hey, I'm a complete noob at this stuff. However, I was a competitive athlete for many years up until my early 30's in rugby, strongman, and powerlifting. I've been looking for something very interactive but much healthier for the body, and I've been doing quite a bit of research into this and similar groups. Since Covid is getting is happening, formal classes are probably not going to happen yet, however, I've been looking at acquiring training gear, and watching many of the instructional videos on the basic movements and drills that can be done while analyzing the pieces and parts of the movement such as angle of the implement, wrists, hips, elbows and shoulders, as well as foot work. That way if I start drilling at home I can try my best to get it fairly close to what correct should be so I don't start any bad habits before I really get started in it.

Anyway, glad to be here, look forward to learning some new stuff.