Any tips on starting up a study group?


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I am really thinking about starting up a Study group on George Silver's art.

What are some things I should avoid doing? I've never ran a club by myself so I am just trying to wrap my head around the endeavor. Most of my HEMA experience has been in legitimate schools with knowledgeable instructors(none of them Silver practioners though).


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This is a very broad question that requires some additional information to tailor a response.

  1. What is your prior experience with managing a business?
  2. Do you have income and/or necessary resources that can support starting a new business such as a martial art studio?

There are cheap, inexpensive ways to first validate that the local market you live in can support another martial art studio but without knowing your situation it is hard to provide you specific advice on doing so.

The curriculum aspect, such as teaching Silver, is far less important than you may be thinking. The most important aspects of starting a new martial art club are universal to just about any service-oriented brick and mortar business.

Starting new study groups and schools is an essential component necessary for HEMA to continue to grow so we're happy to provide some answers if they can help you get up and running, but we need to know more info about your situation, basically. Otherwise we might spend a lot of time suggesting things that may not help you.