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    Looking for Sparring and Practice Partners.

    Greetings, hoping to see if this message reaches the right people, I am currently looking for individuals interested in sparring, practice, and study in the KDF (along the Liechtenaure Tradition) in or around the Tri-City Area, Michigan. I understand that is a narrow area, but with no schools or...
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    Just starting

    Yeah Im in the same boat, Im in Michigan and the closest club is 80 miles away, might have to start my own if at all possible, check the official HEMA Alliance website and use their club finder to double check, depending on your intrests, there is alot of material out there on how to get started...
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    Just starting

    Awesome to hear, its a fine hobby, and interesting subject matter, I'd suggest checking out the HEMA United Facebook group, its very active, and full of lots of helpful people, and varied HEMA subjects and discussions.
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    Preferred OAL of your Longsword

    That is a very text book response, one that I have heard or read many times from many different sources. I was hoping for a bit of incite on a more personal level from current enthusiasts, what those in the community "Prefer" for personal training, practice, and study. I will endeavor to be more...
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    Preferred OAL of your Longsword

    I'm interested to see the over all preference in length for synthetics, feders, and cutters as far as longswords are concerned. The competition style feders tend to be longer than the surviving swords in museums that were used in medieval battlefields and combat. Though the shorter end of the...
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    Just starting

    Greetings, been interested in HEMA for most of my life, even before I knew it was called HEMA. I've been researching, reading, and practicing at home via books, internet, YouTube, PDFs, and a makeshift sparring area that doubles as my home gym for about 4 months now. I have only started...
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    Recommendations for beginner training gear.

    I would start with Purple Heart Armory, their a little expensive, but just browsing will give you a good idea of what is available, and what you might want to start with, Sword Carolina (YouTube) has a few short videos about begging gear, as does Blood and Iron HEMA (also on YouTube).
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    Blunt Weapon Tips and Training

    Polearms perhaps? Staff and spear for two handed work, Joachim Meyer has a decent amount of writing on it via the Wiktenauer, single hand I would assume maybe stick or cane fighting? I would hunt down Masters that spoke or taught of such in the Wiktenauer as well, I believe under weapons you...