Flannel Feet

I have been training with the Sussex Sword Academy formerly the Sussex Rapier School since 2006 under Maestro Andrew Feest, and instructors Duncan Fatz and Lyell Drummond after many years of varied Asian martial art training.
I attained the level of instructor in rapier and smallsword in 2014 and have since held local workshops in beginners smallsword and was chief instructor at the Pierced Heart smallsword school in Brighton with President the lovely Catrina Hey.
I have attended many HEMA events over these years in England, Italy, Spain, France, Malta and Scotland plus also competed in many rapier, backsword and smallsword tournaments with some success.
I now continue to train with the SSA, the root of all my knowledge and martial art pleasure.
Smallsword has been my obsession for many years now as I believe it the epitome of the art of fencing.
Mar 11, 1953 (Age: 67)
West Sussex, England


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